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lt's not by chance that "engine" and "engineering" are part of the same word family. Expertise in implementing engineering ideas into production practice has a long tradition at Leistritz. We challenge us constantly to go the extra mile and take our production technologies one step further every time.

Since the first jet engines were built, Leistritz has been a reliable partner to renowned engine manufacturers. Whether it is a matter of established processes or new approaches, together we shape the future. Zero quality compromise has always been and will always be the key. Making components lighter, raising levels of performance and improving efficiency inspires us.

Ambitious drive, ground breaking methods and unique technologies set us apart.



Thanks to our manufacturing and engineering expertise, we are geared to accompany our customers in their own component development and throughout the product life cycle. Engineering is at the heart of this philosophy of partnership, supported by state-of-the-art optimisation, simulation and 3D machine programming.

What makes our scope of supply unique, is that our tools machining is in-house and we have tools and equipment engineers on board. This offers a depth of quality and expertise second to none.

Forging: Born from Fire. Made for Life.

Lava is an impressive natural phenomenon, turning the hardest of rocks into a river of molten heat at 800 to 1,200 °C, after which they cool down to freeze into iconic, everlasting shapes. 

Precision forging

Structural components, engine disks and blades achieve tolerances so tight, they need three digits behind the comma. The blade profile with inlet and outlet edges and platforms on the foot and shrouding band are forged so precisely that no subsequent machining is needed to achieve a ready-to-install condition.

Isothermal forging

The dies are heated to the same temperature as the forged part. This allows shaping at any rate without the forged part cooling down. This process is what makes shaping of materials possible that cannot be forged conventionally such as titanium aluminides or powder metals.

The Perfect Finish

The nature creates breathtaking shapes and forms. For us, achieving geometric perfection and surface precision on compoments relies on both premium engineering and superior production methods.

ECM - Electrochemical Machining

Electrochemical machining technology is a touchless procedure that creates large volumes of precision parts quickly, cost-effectively and with high repeatability. Leistritz is a pioneer in this field. We develop and build our own ECM equipment and employ this technology to manufacture geomterically very challenging components.

PECM - Pulsed Electrochemical Machining

A patented process flow meets the exceptional requirements for the complex blade geometries. In a nutshell: absolute precision in series production, no compromise quality, smooth surfaces with a micro-precision finish and easy-to-document repeatability.

See how PECM works here!


Mechanical Machining

We use the latest technologies for machining – to both manufacture engine aircraft components from bar stock and to finish forged or precision-cast components. Whether lathing disks and blisks or milling and grinding blades or structural parts, we are always committed to providing first class quality.

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