In 1905, the foreman Paul Leistritz founded the firm of Maschinenfabrik Paul Leistritz in Nuremberg. The first products to be manufactured in a small workshop were blades and profiles for steam turbines.

Following a tumultuous development in the field of power generation, Leistritz had already become a competent supplier for all important turbine manufacturers in the world by the 1930ies.

The works in Remscheid were taken over in 2005 as a specialist for precision forging to complete the manufacturing range of Leistritz in Nuremberg.

These two locations can now offer all important manufacturing technologies: precision forging, CNC milling and grinding, hot and cold rolling, electrochemical processing as well as all kinds of surface treatments.

In the year 2012 Leistritz Turbinenkomponenten Remscheid GmbH expands their manufacturing capacity to South East Asia and opens a new factory in Thailand: Leistritz (Thailand) Ltd.. 2013 Leistritz Turbinenkomponenten Remscheid GmbH is renamed to Leistritz Turbinentechnik GmbH and is in charge of the business unit Turbine Technology.
The companies abroad are subsidiaries, which are assigned to Leistritz Turbinentechnik GmbH.

The History of Leistritz Turbinentechnik GmbH