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Networked expertise for great ideas

In-House Manufacturing Expertise

Our global production and supply chain network provides the benefits you need along the entire product life cycle – ensuring certified prototype, NPI and series production as well as long-term spare parts supply. Benefit from cost-effective, customised solutions at any supply point and from a single source – ranging from the single forged part to complex high-tech finished machined componenents for the aviation industry.

Everything from a single source: ranging from the single forged part to complex high-tech finished machined components.

Your Development Partner for Next Generation Components

Our focus is on your innovative new products, implementing game-changing manufacturing processes to answer to your needs in the future. Our R&D team is committed to making new component geometries possible and finding the best material solutions to reduce weight and improve performance. From forging to electrochemical (ECM), pulsed electrochemical machining (PECM) and mechanical machining our portfolio of production technologies aim to support you and the need for lighter, better, greener and more cost-effective components.

Inspired by Nature

Nature offers fascinating blueprints for high performance in our high-tech world. Intuitively, nature inspires perfect design, attention to detail and efficiency to achieve optimum results. So, for instance, the monarch butterly hatches from its caterpillar cocoon to fly majestically for over 3,000 km during its lifetime.