Forging for the aero industry

We use precision forging to manufacture compressor blades with a thickness and profile tolerance of only a few hundredths of a millimetre. The gas duct with inlet and outlet edges and platforms on the foot and shrouding band are forged so precisely that no subsequent machining is needed to achieve a ready-to-install condition. This economical procedure is standard for almost all compressor blades from Leistritz.

In classic forging processes on presses or counterblow hammers, we produce aviation structural parts and disks with component weights of up to 300 kilograms that require no isothermal forging. Examples of the materials used include titanium, Udimet and steel.

The coordination of the individual stages of shaping is carried out in the development phase by means of numerical FEM simulation. The tools are then manufactured on high-precision, 5-axis milling centres in our own tool shop. Highly-qualified and motivated staff as well as the use of energy monitoring at the shaping units, statistical process control (SPC) and quality data acquisition (QDA) throughout the entire production guarantee the excellent and constant quality of the products, an indispensable requirement for precision forging.

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