Electrochemical machining

We use the ECM process to manufacture the most complex compressor blade profiles – a speciality of ours. ECM is a method whereby the material is removed without physical contact. We began to use this special method in series at the beginning of the 1970ies and have now manufactured more than 15 million compressor blades in this way. The Leistritz ECM process guarantees maximum precision and repeating accuracy for the production of difficult, 3D-twisted blades. Aerodynamic profiles with complex 3D geometries and elliptical front edges are also produced in one operation with an excellent surface finish.

ECM allows you to process all electrically conductive materials – regardless of metallurgical properties and strengths. ECM is ideal for processing the high-temperature titanium and nickel alloys that are hard to machine and the new material class of titanium aluminides that are common in aircraft engine construction.

ECM is a key technology at Leistritz that is used on self-designed systems to manufacture single blades and blisks and to machine structural parts. The competence centre is located at our Nuremberg site.

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