For the power generation industry, Leistritz produces blades of steel and titanium for gas and steam turbines. The components are supplied to our customers as forged blanks either ready-for-installation, as semifinished products with finished airfoils and an unmachined blade root or as so-called oversize blades. We manufacture blades up to a length of 2.3 metres and a weight of 300 kilograms.

For many years, we have enjoyed an excellent reputation as a reliable partner for turbine manufacturers worldwide. Our range of products covers precision and oversize forged blades with a blade length of up to 2,300 millimetres and blades twisted up to 90 degrees of chromium steels as well as nickel and titanium alloys. The preliminary operations on a GFM forging machine and a 1,600 ton horizontal press are planned according to the most economical approaches in terms of material input and manufacturing costs. Only then are the components, which have been heated in electrical, rotary hearth furnaces, finish-forged on 350 kilojoule or 630 kilojoule counterblow hammers.

The position of titanium components is corrected during the final heat treatment to avoid stresses via a hydraulic press with dies that have been heated to the temperature of the component. The finished sizes with the narrowest of tolerances for the flow channel are manufactured on modern, 5-axis milling centres before a 6-axis polishing robot produces the final surface finish on the airfoil, the leading and trailing edges and all transitions.

Leistritz supplies all renowned manufacturers of power turbines worldwide.

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