Titanium aluminide turbine blades

The latest generation of modern aircraft engines rely on blades of gamma-titanium aluminide materials to save weight in the low-pressure turbine. These new material classes have a thermal stability comparable to that of nickel-based alloys, but only half the density.

Depending on the required properties profile of the components, they are manufactured by either precision casting and/or forging, each with a subsequent processing to the finished size.

As a specialist for shaping and processing technology we also offer suitable production methods for this new group of products: titanium aluminide is very brittle and can only be shaped at a very high temperature and at an extremely low forming rate. We have developed a specific isothermal forging process for this purpose. Special milling, grinding and testing methods are also used to manufacture ready-to-assemble blades which can be used equally for the casting and forging alternatives. Production know-how that has been gathered over almost two decades is reflected in customised process chains and deliveries for almost all worldwide applications.

Leistritz Turbinentechnik Team Leistritz Turbinentechnik GmbH