Aero engine disks

The demands on disks in modern aircraft engines are growing steadily. An increasing efficiency calls for higher temperatures in aircraft engines and thus increasingly better materials that are usually difficult to forge.

Our production program covers all rotationally symmetrical aircraft engine components such as full disks, rings, shafts and cones up to a weight of 300 kilograms and a diameter of 1,100 millimetres.

After forging on presses by conventional or isothermal methods or on counterblow hammers, the products are heat-treated in several steps and subjected to extensive, non-destructive testing. We supply the disks according to the customer's wishes as forged parts, with an ultrasonic contour, almost final shape or turned to the final contour. In cooperation with our works in Nuremberg we can also supply ready-to-install 'blisks', in other words disks with integrated blades. Aircraft engine disks from Leistritz are 'Class 1' aviation parts and thus satisfy the highest requirements of our customers.

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